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Episode 039 – A Weekend of Heresy

After an exhausting weekender Neil and Greg are here to talk you through the seminars, models on show, discussion of heresy and everything else around the HH Weekender, we definitely cover all the aspects both good and bad. Neil is also really keen to talk about Golden Demon as well but it’s difficult to understand why…


00:0:0:00 – 00:27:12 – Intro and news all together in one plus an explanation of our sponsor shout outs.

00:27:12 – 00:58:29 – Part one – Friday, set up, sales area and demo area.

00:58:29 – 01:36:33 – Part two – Authors, art area and day 1 seminars

01:36:33 – 02:11:54 – Part three – Day 2 seminars and new models

02:11:54 – 02:44:16 – Part four – Golden Demon and the gaming room

02:44:16 – 03:04:10 – Part five – Wrapping up the event, fitting in the bits we missed and giving our overall thoughts……

03:04:10 – 03:16:15 – Close the show and we also put our week’s hobby talk in here as well.


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