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Episode 006: Horus Heresy Reading Order           


In this Episode Greg is joined by Marcus to answer a question they have both seen asked a number of times – ‘What book should I read next?’


The first part of the discussion covers the various mediums in which Heresy stories are released and possible pros and cons of these. The second part involves a run through of the first 30 books and creates a list of ‘must reads’ while discussing the merits of all the others as well. A list of the must reads can be found at the bottom of these show notes.




00:00:00 – 00:11:58 – Intro, BL and FW talk


00-11:58 – 00:36:07 – Part 1: The many and varied ways in which we can consume Heresy material.


00:36:07 – 01:21:09 – Part 2: The Horus Heresy Essential reading order.


01:21:09 – 01:26:30 – Show Wrap Up.


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The’Essential’ Reading List:


Horus Rising (Book 1)


False Gods (Book 2)


Galaxy in Flames (Book 3)


Fulgrim (Book 5)


Thousand Sons (Book 12)


The First Heretic (Book 14)


Know No Fear (Book 19)


Fear To Tread (Book 21)


Angel Exterminatus (Book 23)


Betrayer (Book 24)


The Unremembered Empire (Book 27)


Vengeful Spirit (Book 29)


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