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Episode 017 – Scattershot and the LVO


Chris Burch comes on the show to discuss Scattershot painting and what is in its future and Dylan Mosely comes on to discuss the Las Vegas Open that was put on a few weeks ago and to talk about the future of the event. This episode includes all the random chat you expect by now and the news plus the announcement of the Conquest competition.




00:00:00 – 00:03:15 – Intro


00:03:15 – 00:12:12 – News and competition announcement


00:12:12 – 00:41:55 -  Chris Burch comes on to talk about all things Scattershot including future plans and joint ventures


00:41:55 – 01:36:25 – Dylan Mosley discuss the recent Las Vegas Open and his plans for next years event.


01:36:25 – 01:40:40 – Show close










And don’t forget our sponsor – Scatter shot painting.




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