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Episode 020 – The Portcullis Incident


In today’s episode I am joined by Dan Quirk who ran The Portcullis Incident at the Northwest Gaming centre, we discuss the extra work he put into the pack and the general feel. We also chat to Andy Figg the winner of best painting at the event. All that and the usual rambling, snippets of news and stuff.




00:00:00 – 00:08:00 – Introduction and some information about Scorched Earth


00:08:00 – 00:15:07 – The News and a few rumour style things


00:15:07 – 00:57:30 –  Dan Quirk chats about how and why he ran The Portcullis Incident plus a little bit about him.


00:57:30 – 01:23:08 – Andy Figg gives his view on the event and again more in


01:23:08 – 01:30:55 – Closing the show with all the contact info as normal but also some news I forgot to include at the top of the show.






You can find all The Portcullis incident info and some pics here:


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Andy is @Praetoriian on twitter.




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