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Episode 024 – PACTs and a couple of questions

Andrew Hollis returns, again, to talk about the awesome Aus 30K site and the latest project he has going on. He also talks about the Andy Wardle and Matthew Kane painting sessions occurring in Australia which is a great opportunity.

The second part of the show I talk about a couple of questions that were asked of me and decided that you guys and gals may be able to help with.

All this and the usual news, random chat, Scorched Earth bits and pieces plus stuff.


00:00:00 – 00:10:13– Introduction, sponsors and various other info

00:10:30 – 00:21:43 - A brief update on what’s been going on in the Heresy world

00:21:43 – 01:01:24 –  Andrew Hollis comes back to chat about the PACTs of Heresy that is being run under the Aus 30K website and once more unites the world in one 30K goal.

01:01:24 – 01:29:07 – What music do you listen to when you paint, model or play? What music makes you think about scenes in the Heresy or do scenes in the Heresy make you think of a soundtrack? Also just what would you do to model the events on Sanguinius’ flagship at Signus Prime?

01:29:07 – 01:42:35 – Closing the show, Patreon and the contact stuff



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