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Episode 028 – Sons of Heresy; First Among Equals

This is the first in our Sons of Heresy episodes where a guest will come on to discuss a legion/force/army of the heresy in more depth. We will cover the background, fighting style, organization, rules and play styles of the force even covering a little bit about where you can find more information.

00:00:00 – 00:05:19– Introduction, sponsors and a welcome to the show

00:05:19 – 00:23:52 – FW, GW and BL news

00:23:52 – 01:13:47 – Part one of the Sons of Heresy, the history, organization and exemplary battles of the XVIth legion

01:13:47 – 02:08:27 – Part two of the Sons of Heresy, the XVIth on the table top.

02:08:27 – 02:16:30 – Close the show, all the social media and a competition winner announced.


Ortious Cloud event

Event: Ortious Cloud Phase 2
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