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Episode 069 – 7th Edition, Competitive Gaming and The Crimson King

We have packed this show with chat about the how the game will be affected by the decision to stay with 7th Edition, how to be a good noob at events, whether we should accept or accommodate competitive gaming and Michael is back this time to talk about The Crimson King.

On top of all that we have the news, what we have been up to plus the details for Neil’s charity auction and some other competitions….

00:00:00 – 00:32:30 – Intro, Sponsors, What we have been up and competitions

00:32:30 – 01:13:00 –  The Great Edition Divide

01:13:00– 01:45:09 – How To Be a Good Noob….. At Events

01:45:09 – 02:27:05 – The Crimson King  with Michael

02:27:05 – 02:58:13 – Competitive Gaming in the Heresy?

02:58:13 – 03:07:01 – Closing the show…


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